Michael photographs weddings this way…


Signature style:

Crisp, clean, sharp, color images are what he makes.  Such images can be edited as monochrome as well.  Sometimes he shoots with strobes and sometimes with ambient light.  Ambient light is preferred if the mood is peaceful and calm.   Either way, even if artificial light is needed, he endeavors to capture the mood.    He is interested in using modern technology the way it’s meant to be used.  We’ve come a long way since the days of film, and he’s shot a lot of film.  However, when digital came along, he readily embraced it.  Newer cameras and lenses allow for capturing images as never before.  Sharper and deeper.  That’s why we at MJM Action Media, will only shoot your wedding with digital state of the art cameras.


Specialties Include:

His background includes shooting model’s and actor’s portfolios, family events (with kids too) and lifestyle sessions.  Mostly on location.  Outside in any weather.  Even under a waterfall.  He most enjoys making action-oriented images.  Especially the dances and party.  Where strobes are often employed and special techniques that convey excitement and action.   Ridged posing is rarely employed.  When it comes to formal wedding images, he does invite the couple to ‘strike a pose’ thus expressing their personality and the feelings they have at that moment.  Going for a memory, not just of the clothes they were wearing, but of the emotion they also felt that day.  People are very different.  Some couples are quiet and reserved.  Others are extroverts to the max.  You are shot/photographed the way you are.  He doesn’t try to change you into someone you’re not.  When needed, gentle guidance is given to make you feel comfortable in front of the lens.  He knows that most people don’t live in front of a camera.  (He doesn’t at this time offer scuba, skydive,  weddings, sorry ‘bout that)


Client to match:

Fun couples with a keen eye for detail and are often well traveled. They want to create an exceptional wedding experience, infused with joy and emotion. It could be a celebration at a meaningful, remote destination, or at a local event venue in Murfreesboro or Nashville TN.  They’re sourcing an elite team of wedding planners, designers, florists, and cake decorators to help bring their dream wedding to life, visually and experimentially.  Michael is married to Elizabeth Myers of La Crème Wedding Cakes based in Murfreesboro Tn.  Check out her work at www.lacremecakes.net and on IG @la_creme_wedding_cakes. 


Film or Digital:

Definitely digital.  We have an old Nikon film camera.  Just for the memories.  Michael took it to the other side of the world.  It stays on the shelf.


Distinguishing characteristics:

Excessive preparation.  He checks and rechecks the equipment against a checklist of over  60 items.  He gets to know you, and wants to see the venue, the location, event if just photos of the area, and in the conditions he will be working under. He wants to know who your grandma is, or what she was like.    He wants to capture happy people who will remind our clients of the joy they experienced that day.  So he actively look for guests that are enjoying the occasion immensely, either during the ceremony, or the reception.

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Also if you are still looking for a wedding cake, check out www.lacremecakes.net.

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Local would be TN.  Nashville, Murfreesboro, and of course Chattanooga, Atlanta, and Gatlinburg.  But we also service all of Middle including Murfreesboro, Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Spring Hill, Mt. Juliet, Clarksville and East Tennessee cities including Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Gatlinburg also Pigeon Forge too! .   MJM Action Media considers local all of Bowling Green & Louisville Kentucky. We would love to shoot your beach wedding in Port St. Joe, Destin, Emerald Isle, or beyond!  So if you’re looking for a top wedding photographer, we want to hear from you today!  Destinations include the dominican republic and jamaica.  Also not to be left out are costa rica and cozumel and los cabos mexico and rivirera maya.  If you like big island hawaii or bar harbor maine look no further!  san fransisco is on the list if you like cali.





All prices are for Nashville TN, and Murfreesboro, TN.  Please contact us for details and restrictions on these packages. Thank you for your interest!