Shooting brands, fashion, models and actors.

    Models and Styles is for those interested in getting fashion or brands photographed.  Professional retouching is also available to enhance an already beautiful image.  Locations can be selected to put your clothing brand in an attractive setting.  Commercial rates apply.

    Models and actors interested in building portfolios or getting head shots are also welcome!  Our goal is to give you a variety of images, showcasing you as a great match for a wide range of genres.  Including action shots, serious, drama, girl next door ect.

    On this page you see a number of images taken over a period of several months.  The close ups have been retouched.  When retouching an image we take special care to make the eyes, skin, and lips look like natural beauty.  Fake overdone editing is avoided unless done for effect.  These images display a commercial style.  

    Once we have been hired to shoot your brand or fashion we begin planning the shoot.  Coordinating hair, make up, crews and the business details of the shoot.  Like location permits and lighting needs.  Nashville photography is a cake walk because we’ve lived here for years.  We can arrange a location shoot or studio shoot depending on your needs.

    State of the art mirrorless Sony and Nikon digital cameras are used coupled with the best lenses available.  This combined with 30 years of shooting experience lends itself to getting the ad shot in a timely and accurate manner.

    So what are you waiting for.  Lets put together a package that suits your style and needs.  Need a photographer in Nashville?  We want to hear from you today!

    Shoot us an email if you think we may be a good match.  We’d love to hear from you!


      Alternativly you can pick a la carte style so you can pick studio, locations, different wardrobes and looks.  We can meet your style or fashion per your needs. (Some restrictions apply)

      The a la carte style shoots will be priced per hour in 30min blocks.  Locations need to be local to Nashville Tn unless agreed otherwise.  Retouching will be priced per image selected.  Several different crops can be rendered per your needs priced per image once they are selected and retouched.  Black and white images will be priced as retouched images.

      Retouching includes removing blemishes in the skin, in addition to color correction.  Extensive image manipulation using advanced software not included, but can be discussed.