MJM Action Media

Photography and Cinematography


Wedding and Engagement


Everyone is different.  That’s great too!  So lets make you  stand out as unique.  Engagement shoots can be a fun part of your life.

Your decor, dress, flowers, and cake can all look perfect on the day of, but it’s the technical camera skills,  lighting knowledge, purposeful composition, and the thoughtful discretion that will shape your memories of the day as you look back on your wedding. We do not consider ourselves ‘wedding’ rather boutique photographers who constantly seek to capture the essence of a happening, a moment, on digital media.

We know when it’s time to give direction for beautifully arranged photographs, and when we should quietly shoot the event as it naturally unfolds. The extensive research and strategic planning we do prior to the wedding make us different. We prepare in every way possible to get to know our clients and maximize opportunities for beautiful photography and to create a seamless client experience. We also offer our couples direction and guidance on timeline scheduling, lighting, and more to create the best photographs possible.

Fashion, Headshots, Brands, and Commercial 


Professional actors and models need to advertise themselves.  We do portfolio shoots including head shots, and action shots in a variety of settings and wardrobes.   Extensive retouching and basic editing can be done.  Location or studio we can make it happen! 

It’s the simple things that matter.  People do business with people.  Let’s show you and your business as approachable and easy to work with!  State of the art editing and photography will show you at your best!

Your business should look as professional as modern techniques and equipment can produce.  We shoot with state of the art digital cameras and use the best lenses available.

We can do headshots at your location in Nashville, Franklin, Murfreesboro, or nearby towns.  If you need product photography, we also can accommodate studio or location shoots to meet your needs.

Take a look at the Portfolio page if you are a brand, model or actor.